3 Important Things About Prefab Homes

Modular home building is one of the fastest-growing segments of construction, with modular housing production increasing every year. Modular homes are becoming increasingly popular because they take less time to build and are cost-efficient options for first-time buyers or seasoned investors. If you’re interested in a prefab home, you know all the benefits, such as low cost, fast construction and pristine craftsmanship, but before you make a final decision, consider the details.savannah prefab home information

The process

Building a modular home is very different from building a traditional home. The homes are built in a factory in programmed stages — from the walls to the finished product — and then set in place at the home’s location. Framing, insulation, floors, drywall, roofing, windows, plumbing and lighting fixtures are all installed and finished by experienced craftsmen using state-of-the-art production technology. The home is shipped 90 percent complete and is assembled on the foundation. This process brings forth very different issues than the traditional homebuilding process.

How to find the right manufacturer

The quality of your modular home will depend on your manufacturer. There are plenty of high-quality companies building incredible modular homes, but these companies may have a higher price tag. Don’t automatically go with the manufacturer that has the lowest prices, though, because you can get burned with a bad modular home that was built with cheap products. Find the right manufacturer by looking at its finished homes and talking to other clients who’ve used that manufacturer.

How the home looks when it is done isn’t everything — you should choose a builder based on the company’s range of designs, geographical reach, and reputation. The price tag is just a small factor in the overall picture.

Be mindful of the foundation

With a conventional home, it is easy to make adjustments for foundations that aren’t perfectly level. Since a prefab home is built in a factory and shipped to the location, making changes to adhere to the foundation is next to impossible. The foundation has to be perfectly square within a half-inch for the modular home to work.

This is something that buyers interested in a modular home should take into consideration. Before you ever purchase a modular home, you need to ensure that the land you want to build the home on has the means to provide a perfect foundation setting.

What makes you interested in purchasing a prefab home?