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Torrie Cesaroni

Torrie Cesaroni

Torrie Cesaroni


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Torrie Cesaroni knew she was destined to be a part of real estate from a young age. Torrie began working at a real estate law firm in Florida her junior year of high school and continued through a large portion of college. After seeing the law side of real estate for over 5 years, she realized that the business administration side appealed to her sense of organization and keen time management skills. Torrie obtained her Bachelors degree in Business Administration and Finance from Florida State University.

Relocating to the Savannah, Georgia area, she quickly fell in love with the southern charm and personality of Savannah. The beautiful landscape and historical features around each corner cemented her love for real estate. The opportunity to become even more involved with the market presented its’ self as she was offered a position on Heather Murphy’s Real Estate Group. Her high respect for ethics, education, and integrity made Torrie a perfect match for the Heather Murphy Group. Drive and determination to be an asset to the team has led Torrie to become a licensed REALTOR in the state of Georgia. Torrie firmly believes that customer service, efficiency, and teamwork are key components to providing our sellers with top class service and a stress-free sale.

Torrie enjoys traveling and exploring with her two dogs, Stella and Lilly.

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