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Welcome! Below, you will find all available listings for homes for sale in Port Wentworth.  Known frequently as the Doorstep to the South, Port Wentworth is a small but historic city just to the north of Savannah, Georgia.  People love to live in Port Wentworth due to its close proximity to many area attractions, including Hilton Head Island, the Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport,  Tybee Island, and of course, Savannah itself.  Port Wentworth’s real estate market is currently thriving, with an abundance of new home development, growth, and expansion.  Prices in Port Wentworth are affordable, with many homes offering modern amenities, great size, and abundant outdoor space.  Growth in Port Wentworth has exceeded expectations due to ongoing demand for employment by several large local companies, which provide a decent living wage for many people seeking to buy a nice home on a budget.  Some sections of Port Wentworth are undergoing more development than others, and there is just as much “rural” space available for the buyer seeking something more isolated.  There really is a lot of diversity available in Port Wentworth, and the lifestyle and affordability are significant contributors! For a more casual lifestyle, consider buying your next home in beautiful Port Wentworth, GA.  Please contact us for more information on a specific area or listing.


Port Wentworth GA

This stunning country city sits along the eastern seaboard of Georgia in Chatham County. The town is about eight miles to the northeast of Savannah. This proximity gives people the opportunity to take advantage of all the activities and services available in the city without the high cost of living.

Port Wentworth is famous for honoring our country’s military members and plantation-style homes. The town is nicknamed the front porch of Savannah. Eli Whitney would create the cotton gin here in 1793. The city was a major stop in the area long before incorporating. The earliest days saw Native Americans and pioneers working to forge a bustling community dating back to 1773.


Property Overlook

In every corner of Port Wentworth, you will find praise houses and rice plantations. Many historic properties here are antebellum homes. The word translates to before the war. These houses feature tall columns at the entrance, two-story porches, and immense open foyers with expansive staircases.

Some parts of the community offer new construction homes and more modern designs. Townhomes are prevalent in these areas. Ranch and traditional homes are also popular. The town is young, with many families opting to move to this area in the early 2000s.


Geographical and Climate Information

As a coastal city, this area sees high humidity rates all year long. The summer months are tropical at times with warm winters and hot summers. Late June to September is when the town sees the most rain. It is not uncommon to see a little snow in the winter months.


Employment in Port Wentworth

Living in this community means being a part of a rich culture. Many families are long-standing members of the community, but a large group of newer residents are also a part of the town. People tend to work in the manufacturing industry or construction in Port Wentworth. A major portion of the workforce are nurses and hospital staff.

Popular destinations

Coming to Port Wentworth means the opportunity to experience some of the oldest culture in the country. This community is rich in tradition, history, and artistic expression.


Historical and religious sites

The Mulberry Grove Plantation is where Eli Whitney lived. This plantation was originally meant as a silk developer, but changed to rice when slavery was legalized in Georgia. You can find this destination at Highway 21 and Graveyard Road.

Praise houses are a huge part of the history of Port Wentworth. These buildings go back to the Civil War era and slavery. The four most popular stops in this area are White Oak, Mount Moriah, Richmond Plantation and Rice House, and Houston Baptist. There were 13 original praise houses in the Savannah Area in the late 1800s. Each praise house was a part of a plantation.


Recreational stops

Getting out and about is what many people know and love in this community. Boating, swimming, hiking, picnicking, and sailing are just a few of the numerous things people love to do in the south. One exciting thing is to go dolphin and manatee watching. These beautiful animals migrate through the area, giving everyone the chance to see them in person.

The Savannah National Wildlife Refuge is an excellent place to go with the family. From the marshes to unique tree species and birds, there are plenty of things to look for in Port Wentworth. Park operators tell guests if they want to look for birds to come between October and April. To see alligators and other reptiles, it is best to come the opposite time of the year from March to April.

Port Wentworth GA is a diverse, eclectic destination full of fun places to explore. From down-home cooking to fine dining and more, you can find a lot to love. For the best food while in town, try Agave Bar and Grill for the carnitas, Sweet Tea Grill for the grits, and El Ranchito for the quesadillas. Between history and culture, this place is a special destination full of surprises and fun places to uncover.

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