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About the Savannah Real Estate Market

Savannah has one of the most eclectic and historic real estate markets in the country — with thousands of homes to choose from and more than 100 distinct neighborhoods in the Greater Savannah Area, there’s something available for everyone. Savannah is a growing and desirable location in the south, as it offers coastal property, has one of the largest and fastest growing ports in the country, has endless history and culture, is located off of major highways (I-95 and I-16), is near Savannah-Hilton Head International Airport and has an inviting long-established reputation for its southern charm, earning it the name “Hostess City of the South.”

Furthermore, the job market in Savannah looks positive, with primary industries in defense and tourism, as well as jobs in manufacturing, construction, agriculture, and the service industry, resulting in a 3.3% job growth.

With limitless amenities, beautiful scenery, and so much more, it makes sense why Savannah has seen a roughly 20% growth in populace over the last decade.

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Homes for sale in Savannah GA

About the Savannah Housing Market

If you are looking for real estate in Savannah GA, you have come to the right place.  Savannah, GA has a variety of homes for sale, with some of the most unique and historic selections of homes to choose from in the south. The Greater Savannah Area offers beautiful scenery, from the coastal islands to the Historic Districts — one of the largest National Historic Landmarks, boasting 22 Historic Squares and much of its original architecture.

Savannah architectural styles vary, including Georgian, Greek Revival, Antebellum, and Second French Empire just to name a few. Find out more about Savannah’s architecture here.

The city and surrounding suburbs have seen an increase in population, infrastructure, and jobs in recent years and offer amenities for every type of lifestyle. In essence, Savannah has many of the pros you’d expect from a large city, without the cons.

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Homes in Savannah

There are a number of different houses, architectural styles, and neighborhoods in Savannah. Some of the major neighborhoods located directly in the city are the Downtown Historic District, Midtown, and Southside.

  • Downtown Savannah is essentially the center of the city, made up of the notable historic squares and famous landmarks, such as The Waving Girl Statue and Mercer House. Its vibe is a combination of southern charm and hip-trendy culture, with influence from both long established natives to young students from the many universities. Houses Downtown can run from $100k to $500k, depending on their current state, history, and other pertinent details.
  • Midtown comprises of magnificent 20th century homes and recreational areas (Kensington Park, Ardsley Park, and Habersham Woods). It is a well preserved family-friendly area, with plenty of amenities and activities for everyone.


Savannah Economic Conditions

With median household incomes at just under $45,000* and a booming diversified market, with strong government, industrial, educational, tourism, and agricultural backing, Savannah’s job market and economy are prospering. The economy has seen 1.93% recent job growth with the national average at 1.18% and a 36.8% estimated future growth with the national average at 36.1%.

*Based off of combined data from multiple sources.

Savannah Population and Demographics

Savannah’s population, as of 2013, is approximately 142,772. The median age is 32 and the populace is 52% percent female and 47% male, 29% college educated, 37% single, and 33% married. Find out more statistics at City Data.

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