Whitemarsh and Wilmington Island Homes For Sale

Whitemarsh Island & Wilmington Island Homes For Sale


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Whitemarsh Island, Wilmington Island, and Talahi Island Homes For Sale

About Whitemarsh Island

Whitemarsh Island (pronounced “WIT-marsh”), located in Chatham County, Georgia, is a suburban neighborhood located in Savannah, Georgia. It is considered part of the Savannah Metropolitan statistical area. The island has been ranked as among the best place for young families to begin their lives. Additionally, senior living communities, the senior center, parks, and recreational facilities make Whitemarsh Island very attractive to retirees.Boundary Map of Whitemarsh Island. Georgia

With the favorable mixture of college students, low crime rates, and decent walking distances and areas, the Whitemarsh Island neighborhood rates decidedly high as an excellent place to live. One report states that this neighborhood is a better location for college students to reside in than most. This benefit for students also means that the area has conveniences and services desired by many. Whether you choose to rent or own a property, there’s a place for you.

Most Whitemarsh Island residents are upper-middle income. Analysis shows that this neighborhood has an income higher than 63.7% of the neighborhoods in America. The childhood poverty rate is lower than found in about 67.5% of America’s neighborhoods.

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About Wilmington Island

Wilmington Island is located at the mouth of the Savannah River bordering South Carolina on the southeast coast of Georgia. Wilmington Island is also a part of Chatham County and is considered part of the Savannah, Georgia, Metropolitan Statistical Area. The island lies just east of Savannah between the city of Thunderbolt, and the beach community of Tybee Island.Boundary Map of Wilmington Island. Georgia

Wilmington Island is mostly residential and is dotted with beautiful forested neighborhoods, as well as an abundance of parks and recreational facilities. October, April, and May are also the most pleasant months, and July and August are also the least comfortable.

In 2017, the estimated population of Wilmington Island was 15.3k;  their median age was 44.4 and the median household income was $76,019.

Wilmington Island is a highly sought-after area just outside Historic Savannah. Some residents call it “island suburbia,” since the communities on the Island form this large and affluent suburb of Savannah, where many residents work. 

Wilmington Island has a strong sense of community, similar to that of many small towns. The center of town is filled with residential buildings and single-family homes. It’s a quaint area with great restaurants, two supermarkets, and an assorted retail stores. You can walk and bike this area, but you will need to travel by car to go to Savannah.

People say that the causeways that connect the Island to the mainland were not necessarily meant for transporting only people. During Prohibition, the bridges were built across large expanses of marsh for the singular purpose of having a strong bridge to transport alcohol off and on small boats! However, the Island’s residents remain grateful for those who built these causeways because the bridges made it easier and to travel to Savannah and the other islands.

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Schools on Talahi, Wilmington, & Whitemarsh Islands

Outstanding public and private schools attract families to the area. Georgia children may attend any school their parents choose within or outside of the Savannah-Chatham County Public School District as long as there is room and the receiving school agrees.

On Wilmington and Whitemarsh Islands there are four public schools: Marshpoint Elementary and Howard Elementary, Coastal Middle School, and Islands High School. There are also several private schools including St. Andrews, St. Paul the Apostle, and Explorers Montessori Coastal Cooperative.

Savannah–Chatham County Public School System Information

The Savannah-Chatham County Public School System was founded in 1866 and serves more than 38,000 students across 7 municipalities and unincorporated areas. There are currently 55 school sites in the district. 

The district’s Family & Students web page provides information about registration, school calendars, and more.

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