Instagrams Hottest Interior Designers

Before the days of social media, homeowners had to browse magazines and catalogs in order to find inspiration for their next design project. Hunting down a new design idea could take hours or even days. Today, top designers can be found on every social media site imaginable. Instagram is filled with thousands of design schemes, each of which is easily viewed at the touch of a button. savannah interior design trends

While there are countless home décor-focused Instagram accounts, there are a few that stand out as the major trendsetters.

1. Dabito (@dabito) is based out of New Orleans. Formerly a graphic designer, he has now turned his talents toward interior design. His own private residence is expertly designed and is featured on his Instagram account. His account also includes designs that are found in more public spaces such as cafés and hotels in addition to shots of other private homes.

2. Alessandra Branca (@abranca) was born in Rome and has continued to travel to numerous other famed design centers. Her Instagram account includes an eclectic collection of color schemes, artwork and other interesting design elements that she has encountered while traveling. Unlike many other interior designers, she posts pictures of her work while it is still in progress, giving viewers a look into the design process rather than just the finished product.

3. Becki Owens (@beckiowens) is a Southern California resident who is focused on traditional, formal living spaces that have a bright splash of color — usually pink. She started out working on model homes, switched to focus on staged homes for sale and then settled on a career in residential design. This diverse experience has helped her become an expert at working with unusual spaces.

4. Amber Lewis (@amberinteriors) is focused on an all-natural design pallet, including wooden furniture and earthen tones that create the perfect blend of modern features and a warm, inviting atmosphere. Her designs are all picture-perfect, with bright, open spaces and clean lines.

5. Benjamin Vandiver (@benjaminvandiver) owns a full-service interior design company based out of Nashville and New York. His minimalist designs appeal to those trying to make the most out of their living spaces. He focuses on modern, metallic tones and vibrant prints on throw pillows and rugs that can help accent an otherwise dull or monochromatic space.

6. Domino Mag (@dominomag) is the online presence for the printed Domino magazine. Following its Instagram account is a great way to keep up with all its featured homes as well as pick up some great recipes.

7. Grace Bonney (@designsponge) keeps up a constant stream of posts that include pictures of farmhouses, suburban homes and unusual interior arrangements. She is one of the most active posters on this list, with frequent comment interaction with several hundred thousand followers.