Getting Ready To Sell?

Need To Know How To Prep Your Home To Sell?

Congratulations! You’ve decided to sell your house. You’ve made a lot of wonderful memories here. However, the kids are too big for their bedrooms, you could use a bigger kitchen, and one more bathroom would be a gift from heaven. So where do you start?

Any real estate agent will tell you two things. The first is that home staging sells houses. The second is that selling a house involves a boatload of cleaning, trimming, sprucing up, and putting almost everything you have in container storage until the house is sold. Ready? Let’s get started.

As You’re Making The Decision To Sell

When you decide to sell your house, you’ll look around. Two things will hit you. One is that the place looks less than perfect. The second is that emotions are involved. You’ll want to work on both.

Beginning with emotions, it’s a fact that the house has become too small for your growing family. The fact is you need more rooms in a house such as extra bathrooms, an attic or basement for storage, as well as a bigger family room. We get it. Make yourself release this house. You’ll make new memories in a new house.

Deep Clean Outside The House

When buyers view your house for the first time, they’ll see from the outside in. Their first impression will sell the house or not. It’s imperative that the outside of the house be immaculate. It’s called curb appeal.

One. Keep the grass cut, the drive and walkway edged, and keep the underbrush clear of debris. Trim back any tree branches hanging over the roof. Branches on a roof could mean roof damage, something no buyer wants to tackle.

Two. Wash the windows. You’d be surprised to know how much sharper your house will look with clean windows reflecting the sun and clouds.

Three. Power wash the siding on the house. Years’ worth of weather, dust, and dirt makes siding look dull.

Four. Clean the gutters. Leaves and twigs sticking out of gutters means water running down the walls into the basement and other walls of the house.

Five. Remove weeds and grass growing in flower beds. Planting new vibrantly colored flowers adds freshness to any house. Matching planters on the porch holding pretty flower arrangements charm buyers.

Six. Replace the house numbers. Bright, shiny brass numbers alert buyers to a noticeable house. Buyers will also notice a freshly painted front door.

Seven. Spruce up the mailbox. Painting it bright white, adding the address, and planting flowers around it catch buyers’ eyes and pleases them.

Deep Clean Inside The House

Here’s where you need a storage unit ready to fill. A real estate agent will advise you, considering your belongings, what to put in it. You’ll want to start getting rid of things before that, though.

One. Empty every closet, drawer, cabinet, or other storage area. Be ruthless. Toss whatever is no longer usable. Repeat, be ruthless. No “but, but” piles.

Two. Deep clean every closet, drawer, cabinet, and other storage area once it’s empty. Buyers will poke around to see if these areas will hold their things.

Three. If you have to hire a cleaning service to remove years’ worth of grime and grease, do it. The house should look and smell fresh and clean. This includes washing the windows.

How Staging A Home Works

You might not have to hire a professional. Many Realtors enjoy telling and helping you work on home staging yourself. When you’re done, your house will look like a model home, ready for someone to move in.

One. Once everything is out of the house and in the storage unit, paint the walls. The days of beige, white, tan, and gray have segued into bolder neutral colors. Trending in 2018 are honey, the shade of pink knows as Millennial Pink or a mixture of peach and salmon, ocean blue and more.

Two. Add molding around ceilings, doors, and windows. It can be done by anyone, even if they’ve no experience, and gives a room a touch of class.

Three. Replace the flooring. The cost of a quality upgrade can repay itself nicely when it comes time to sell.

Now that the basics are completed, move one or two pieces of furniture back into each room. Put one painting on the walls, add one book to the coffee table, place one stuffed animal on a child’s dresser, and then leave it alone. The emptier a room is, the more willing buyers are to picture their own furnishings in the rooms.

Things That Sell A House

Don’t knock subliminal messaging. We know that scent is a powerful tool for selling anything, especially selling a house. Science has proven that home sales have hinged upon things like the lemon scented air freshener that reminded a buyer of his grandmother. Perhaps the smell of chocolate chip cookies or brownies convinced a buyer this was her kind of house. Cable TV home renovation shows capitalize on this by showing plates of goodies on kitchen counters.

Other sales centered upon a vase of flowers on a coffee table or kitchen table. Sellers won’t know that a vase of bright yellow and white daisies sold their house. Many times the paint color will capture someone’s heart. Your house could very well sell because you chose a cheerful shade of blue on the walls.

One Last Word

Most buyers, even if they don’t have children, won’t mind seeing the occasional board game on a coffee table. They won’t mind seeing sports equipment neatly stored on shelving in the garage. What they will notice, however, is signs of pets. Lots of people love animals. Those who don’t will be touring your house, too.

Get rid of the messy old blankets, towels, or other bedding the pets slept on. On the days the house is shown, box up anything to do with pets and take them with the pets to someone’s house for a couple hours. Eliminate pet odors, vacuum pet hairs, and tuck away pet foods. Buyers will want to know their own pets, if any, will like this house.

These tips on selling your house will take a couple weekends and some serious elbow grease to accomplish. When it’s done, though, you’ll see your old house with new eyes. So will your buyers. Good luck!