2015 In’s & Out’s Of Home Design

Four of the top interior designers from different parts of the country shared their design predictions for when you buy a home with Hunter Douglas, the window fashions manufacturer.

Here’s the short list from Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Los Angeles; Martha Angus, San Francisco; John Phifer Marrs, Dallas and Fawn Galli, New York:

What’s InWhat’s Out
The “smart” homeNot using your smarts
Patinated brassBrushed nickel
Navy, gray, green; bright, accenting, soothing shadesBeige, mustard; harsh, acidic shades
Textured wall and floor coverings, textilesSolid painted accent walls
Clean linesAnything fussy
Mixing furniture styles, eras and designersMatchy-matchy, suites of furniture
Softer, more streamlined window treatmentsOverworked draperies or bare windows
LED lightsFilament lights


Punch Up With ColorMartha_Angus_pop_of_color

On opposite sides of the country, Martha Angus in San Francisco and Fawn Galli in New York, agree that bold colors are most effective when used in small doses against gently-hued backgrounds providing a more modern style.

“A huge blast of amazing color adds drama to a room,” Angus says. Galli often uses bold hues as electric accents for chair upholstery and pillows, not on walls. “Colors bring brightness and happiness to a space,” she advises.


Terrific Textures

Another area the designers mentioned as important for the coming year was texture.

Marrs likes patterned sisal flooring because it’s more au courant than plain sisal, and agreed with Galli who gravitates toward wallpapers with “enigmatic patterns pulsing with energy and color.”

Galli’s also keen on faux fur for everything from upholstery to wallcoverings, saying, “It’s so advanced and cozy, much better than the real thing.”


It’s All about You


All the designers are adamant about mixing furniture styles to create something that is very individualized and original.

Galli calls it the “gypsy look,” done by “mixing items from different designers and periods.”

Martyn Lawrence Bullard’s Los Angeles clients are moving back to buying antiques…and mixing them with pieces from other eras, perhaps an 18th-century commode paired with a 1960s Italian Lucite chair and a contemporary piece of photographic art in a gilded, neoclassical frame.”


Winning Windowsalwovenroman_powerrisetwoone_bedroom

“Window treatments are invaluable for making a room’s design look finished,” says Morse. “John Phifer Marrs in Dallas told me that he likes natural grass shades, because they’re relaxed but ‘dressed.’ Hunter’s Alustra® Woven Textures® feature combinations of fibers that gently filter light, provide the same feeling,” Morse says.

Also on the subject of window fashions, Bullard says, “Fussy draperies and blinds are not fashionable, even in traditional interiors. Today they’re being replaced with softer forms and more streamlined pleats.”



Interior Design Tips & Tricks


The Right Lights

Polished, tailored, timeless style – nothing fussy, is definitely in for 2015. This trend plays out in sculptural chandeliers and pendants created with LED lights where the light is actually part of the sculpture itself. “The line between lighting and art is becoming increasingly blurred,” Angus says.

Especially smart, she says, are the versatile LED lights that change tone from soft warm light to bright cool light and anything in between.

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