Historic Home Buying And What To Look For

With all the lovely historical homes for sale scattered throughout the Savannah Georgia area, anyone interested in buying classic real estate has many options to pick from. This is normally a great thing, but it can be a little overwhelming when you are in the market for a new house. Learning a little about what to keep an eye out for while visiting historic properties will help you to find your dream house.

A Sturdy and Well Maintained Roof

A home that does not get proper inspection and maintenance from any roof problems is likely to have problems throughout it, and these can be a pain to fix. Start by standing back from the house and looking at the roof line from a distance to see if there is any concerning sagging or damaged shingles.

Look at roof shingles and tiles to see if there are any that are missing, cracking, curling, or rotting. In homes with chimneys, check for missing mortar and slanted chimneys. You can tell a lot about how well a home was built and maintained over the years by seeing the state of the roof.

A Neighborhood You Love

When looking for any property, its location is one of the most important things to consider because it is the one thing that is impossible to change. If you want access to plenty of restaurants and parks, the Historic District might be ideal, while those who want to be near entertainment venues and boutique galleries will love being situated along the southern end of the Victorian District. Take the time to search for the right neighborhood for you, near the property during the day, night, and weekends to get a feel for what it will be like to live there.

Windows In All the Right Places

Keep in mind that historic homes may have fewer windows than you may be used to, and adding larger windows is not always an option. Depending on where the house is, there may be guidelines and regulations about how your exterior has to look. Make sure that you are going to get your preferred amount of natural light from the current windows before you decide a house is right for you.

Six Things To Look For In A Historic Home

Floors Without Any Unpleasant Surprises

Pay extra attention to the floor as you walk around. Flooring is important because it is often an indicator of whether or not the house has deeper problems.

In historic homes, some irregularities should be expected, but any extensive tilting or sagging may be too much trouble to fix. Water damage near tubs, toilets, and sinks is also concerning.

You also need to think about your options if you do not love the current flooring. If possible, look under any carpeting to see what the floor looks like below.


Remember that floors can only be sanded down a few times, so look along the baseboards for tell-tale ridges that indicate the floors have already been sanded.

Historic Features You Appreciate

In most cases, it is pointless to pick a historic home and then erase any signs of the home’s past. Even if you plan extensive renovations, you will probably want to keep things like the home’s original molding, doorknobs, or fireplaces. Therefore, it is a good idea to think about whether the home’s overall time period and home design will work with your general decorating goals.

Those who love industrial or modern designs may appreciate a loft situated in an antique warehouse while people who love ornate and delicate designs might enjoy all the details in a Victorian home. The right style of historic home will let you create interiors that you love.

A Floor Plan That Works for You

The housing needs for a typical family have changed over the years, so historical homes tend to have unusual quirks like ground level master bedrooms and tiny spaces in the upstairs areas. In fact, some of the house styles common in Savannah, such as Italianate and Gothic Revival homes, were intentionally designed with unusual floor plans that have a lot of twists, turns, and irregularly shaped rooms. Completely redoing the floor plan is not always an option due to both structural and preservation concerns, so think about how you can make the house’s spaces work for your needs before you decide on it.

For more information about buying or selling a historic home, contact the Heather Murphy Group.

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