Heather Murphy Real Estate Group Videos

Looking to buy a house or simply curious about the home buying process? Below are some of our videos covering our consultations and closing on a home we highly recommend watching. Take a few moments to get to know Heather Murphy and Heather Murphy Real Estate Group.  Watch the videos to find out more on the process of purchasing and closing the sale of a home. Our consultation video will show you what to expect when working with us. For those curious about the closing of a sale,  at the bottom of the page you will find our closing video. If you have any questions please contact us at your convenience. We look forward to working with you on your purchase or sale of a home.

Savannah Real Estate Team Video

Meet Heather Murphy

A video introduction to Heather Murphy and her team of real estate professionals. See what the Heather Murphy Real Estate Group can do for you.


Heather Murphy Group Buyer Consultation

Home Buyer Consultation

Heather Murphy Group Buyer Consultation from Real Estate Videos on Vimeo. This video shows what to expect during a home buyer consultation with Heather Murphy Real Estate Group.

Savannah Real Estate – Closing on a Home Video

Closing On A Home Purchase

This video covers the closing of a sale. Watch as the buyer finishes the process of purchasing a home with Heather Murphy Real Estate Group.


Thanks for watching our Heather Murphy Real Estate Group Videos. We hope they have helped to give you an idea of what to expect not only when working with our real estate agents but also when buying a home in general. Be sure to check out our Savannah and Pooler homes for sale as well as our real estate blog which has some great content on real estate and current events in our area. Please contact us for assistance with any of the Pooler or Savannah area homes.